Théâtre Sous Pression

Political, poetic and empathetic theatrical creations

Faced with the challenges and pressures that shape our world, our work seeks to meet people with empathy, connection and community.

photo couverture v3030

Vertige 3030

*currently in development

Explore the perspectives of Coco, a teenager frustrated with the state of the world, and his godfather Lionel.

This show for teenage and adult audiences combines theatre, dance, and projection art to create a psychedelic and lyrical universe.

Où te caches-tu durant la tempête?

*currently in creation

When hunger pangs and a storm looms, how can we seek shelter for ourselves without casting others out?

Où te caches-tu durant la tempête? is a creative exercise in imagining beyond the confines of the speculative market, colonialism, and war, beyond a system of endless growth and unevenly distributed resources, and out of the crisis in housing.

Bouquet de perce-neige

*Play script

Bouquet de perce-neige takes a direct look at depression, self-esteem, and dissociation: a poetic story about the resilience and strength required to work on your mental-health.